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Sunday, May 10th



"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Jesus

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SunCoast Cathedral MCC is part of Metropolitan Community Churches

an international Christian denomination, representing approximately 300 congregations.


We provide a home to all who are seeking to discover and express their unique

spiritual paths learning the word of God through education and fellowship.




Rev. Vickie Miller brings our message

Sunday, July 5th, 2015.





SunCoast Cathedral MCC Board

Announces Interim Pastor

Rev. Gina Durbin

Rev. Gina Will Begin

Her Ministry August 17th.



Biography for Rev. Gina Durbin

Rev Gina Durbin has been affiliated with Metropolitan Community Churches for 15 years. Her introduction to MCC came when she attended her first PRIDE celebration in 2000. She walked into the MCC booth and was greeted by one of the pastors offering a bottle of water. This simple act of kindness sparked renewed hope that there might be a place in church for LGBTQ persons after all. Once she attended her first MCC service, she realized she was home and the healing began. Rev Gina, who was "just Gina" at the time, had been "out---ed" and subsequently "icked out" of her former church 6 years before; she had decided she was done with church forever, but God had other plans.

Through the healing Gina experienced in MCC, the call to ministry she received at the tender age of 16 was rekindled. This call became stronger and more present over time until she finally entered seminary in 2009. During her tenure with MCC, Gina has been a praise and worship leader, an active member of the MCC of Greater St. Louis choir, a worship participant/communion minister, a writer for the devotional team, and a small group leader.

Gina spent 5 years in seminary preparing for ordination. She was a Chaplain intern at Shalom House, a shelter for women who had mental health and substance abuse issues. She also completed 2 years as a Clergy intern at MCC of Greater St. Louis, 4 months as a Gap Pastor at MCC of Topeka, and was then employed as the Director/Pastor of Congregational Care at MCCGSL for almost 2 years. Gina completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Barnes/St. Peter' Hospital and then completed a 3 unit Chaplain Residency at the VA Hospital. It was her experience as a Chaplain that provided intensive training for Gina to provide compassionate care in a variety of pastoral counseling situations, but also helped her discern that her true passion is church ministry.

Gina graduated from seminary in 2014 and was immediately ordained by UFMCC. Eager to put her preparation and experience to use, Rev. Gina completed Interim Pastor Training and began serving Heartland MCC in Springfield, IL as their interim pastor. Her time there has been a blessing for her and the congregation as they successfully journeyed together through a time of transition and growth.

In case you think Rev. Gina is of single mind and purpose for ministry only, you should know she also shares her life and time with her wife and children. She and Rev. Kelly Durbin have been together for nearly 11 years and they were legally married in Iowa in 2009. Yes, she married and they both started seminary in the same year! The two have learned through the ups and down of life and ministry how to support one another fully by grace and extravagant love.

Gina is stepmother to two children, young adults really, Jonah (age 19) and Grace (age 17). She is also a spiritual mother to many. In addition to being passionate about ministry, MCC, family, and friends, Gina is a creative soul that loves music, photography, and technology of all kinds. Finally, and most importantly, anyone who knows Gina knows that she is "eal" Whether she is in the role of pastor, wife, mother, friend, technical advisor, or musician, she is authentically herself, warts and all.






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