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"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Jesus

If SunCoast Cathedral's ministry is a source of spiritual comfort, strength, or encouragement for you, consider supporting our work with a financial contribution.

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SunCoast Cathedral MCC is part of Metropolitan Community Churches

an international Christian denomination, representing approximately 300 congregations.


We provide a home to all who are seeking to discover and express their unique

spiritual paths learning the word of God through education and fellowship.






Our Message of February 7th, 2016

"Spiritual Tatoos"

Rev. Gina Durbin




You are now able to hear the whole service

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Listen to Our Full Service 2/07/16


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A Black History Month Reflection

"How good it is to center down!" by Howard Thurman.

 How good it is to center down! To sit quietly and see one's self pass by! The streets of our minds seethe with endless traffic; Our spirits resound with clashings, with noisy silences, While something deep within hungers and thirsts for the still moment and the resting lull. With full intensity we seek, ere the quiet passes, a fresh sense of order in our living; A direction, a strong sure purpose that will structure our confusion and bring meaning in our chaos. We look at ourselves in this waiting moment --- the kinds of people we are. The questions persist: what are we doing with our lives?--- what are the motives that order our days? What is the end of our doings? Where are we trying to go? Where do we put the emphasis and where are our values focused? For what end do we make sacrifices? Where is my treasure and what do I love most in life? What do I hate most in life and to what am I true? Over and over the questions beat in upon the waiting moment. As we listen, floating up through all the jangling echoes of our turbulence, there is a sound of another kind --- A deeper not which only the stillness of the heart makes clear. It moves directly to the core of our being. Our questions are answered, With the peace of the Eternal in our step. How good it is to center down.




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